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There are many online search engines, yellow pages, business and industry-specific directories that will accept free links to other Web sites. It is important that your Web site be listed with all the major search engines and yellow pages so when prospects use the tools to search for sites containing associated content, your site will be on the returned list of links. To gain the highest degree of exposure for your Web site, and to increase your popularity and improve your ranking in sites such as AltaVista, Lycos, and Go.com, contact new sites on a regular basis and create as many new links to your site as possible.

All of the Web sites below accept links to other sites. While most are free, some may require a small fee or reciprocal link. Make sure to read the restrictions and agreements carefully before you send your request. This page is updated often, so check back regularly to see the new additions!

Please notify webmaster@webprofessionals.com of any dead links.

Industry-Specific Links:
  1. Nurse Practitioners
  2. Human Capital Management
  3. Caribbean Vacation and Caribbean Travel
  4. Cardiology
  5. Medical Communications, Marketing, Advertising
  6. Sales Territory Management
  7. Continuing Medical Education Resources
  8. Graphic Design, Marketing
  9. MD Medical Doctor - Free accredited telemedicine portal for doctors to create profiles and patients to be able to contact them over our IP phone network on there own phone for free.
General Search Engines, Directories:
  1. 123Link: http://www.123link.com - Advertise or search business information at the largest categorized business directory on the internet.
  2. allbiz.com: http://www.allbiz.com/
  3. Allthewebsites Directory - A niche web directory offering website promotion and other webmaster resources.
  4. AltaVista: http://www.altavista.com/
  5. ANZWERS: http://www.anzwers.com.au/index.html
  6. Best Of The Planet: http://www.2ask.com/ (site reviews)
  7. BigWhat.com: http://www.bigwhat.com/
  8. Biz Online World Classifieds: http://ourworld.compuserve.com:80/homepages/MCSmarketing/class.htm
  9. Boston Shopper: http://www.bostonshopper.com
  10. BuyDirectory: http://www.buydirectory.com/
  11. Card Games Links: http://www.card-games-directory.com/ (Card Games only)
  12. Excite: http://www.excite.com/
  13. Fashion Net: http://www.fashion.net/ (fashion resources)
  14. Fast Search: http://www.alltheweb.com/
  15. Femina: http://www.femina.com/ (resources for, by and about women)
  16. Find Arts: http://www.find-arts.com/ (art resources)
  17. FindLink.com: http://www.findlink.com/
  18. Go.com: http://www.go.com/
  19. HotBot: http://www.hotbot.com/
  20. HotVsNot.Com Web Directory - Comprehensive Database of Web Resources that includes Card Games
  21. House of Cards: http://thehouseofcards.com/ (card games)
  22. InfoSpace.com: http://www.infospace.com/
  23. Jayde Online Directory: http://www.jayde.com/
  24. Job Search Links
  25. Josh's Sanctum: http://josh.nu/
  26. Jump City: http://www.jumpcity.com/start.shtml
  27. LinkEase: http://www.linkease.com/
  28. Lycos: http://www.lycos.com/
  29. MasterSite: http://MasterSite.com/
  30. Matilda: http://www.aaa.com.au/
  31. Nerd World Media: http://www.nerdworld.com/
  32. Scrub The Web: http://www.scrubtheweb.com/index.html
  33. Starting Point: http://www.stpt.com/
  34. Web Professionals: Web Site Directory (fee for inclusion)
  35. Web Surf: http://www.bcpl.lib.md.us/~mleese/graphics/websurf.html
  36. WebCrawler: http://webcrawler.com/
  37. Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com/
Other links:

The following links are intended to help the link popularity and search engine ranking of our clients:

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