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Issue 6; May 27, 1998

In this issue, you will find:

  1. Integrating the Internet into Traditional Marketing Models
  2. Ad Banners: who, where, when, how and why
  3. GRAPHICS - how do they get it to look like that?
  4. How do I get my site listed?
  5. Geez, I never thought of that!

  1. Integrating the Internet into Traditional Marketing Models

    If the Web is part of your company's marketing future, or if you need some help with your Internet Marketing plan, the following article is a must-read:

    ~ Avoid 10 Fatal Web Storefront Mistakes

  2. Ad Banners: who, where, when, how and why


    Business marketers would do well to heed lessons learned by educators and psychologists decades ago: In general, people learn better when more senses are involved. Interactive Web sites and banner ads that make appropriate and effective use of multimedia can increase the user's retention of your company and products. By including a varied visual message (finely-tuned content with eye-catching graphics or video) with an audio one (sound), you appeal to the whole person, increasing the chance that the Internet user will notice and act upon your marketing message. (Submitted by Kim M. Bayne, author of The Internet Marketing Plan and host of the internationally syndicated program The Cyber Media Show with Kim Bayne)
    (Web Tips, NetMarketing, April 1998)

  3. GRAPHICS - how do they get it to look like that?

    Don't want to spend a lot of money on a high-end graphics editor, but want to liven up your site with some simple graphics? Not a graphics expert, but good with other applications? Know how to create a table, graph or image in PowerPoint, but not sure how to put it on the Web? These simple steps will allow you to put any image you see on your monitor on to your Web site (for Windows users only, non-Windows users can achieve the same results using comparable applications):

    1. Create the image as you would like it to appear on the Web page using any application you are comfortable with, such as MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint (copyrighted clipart and other images should not be published on the Web without the express written consent of the owner.) Use Print Preview to get a full screen representation of the image.

    2. Take a picture of the screen using the built-in screen capture function of Windows by typing Alt-PrintScreen. This will put a copy of the active window on your clipboard.

    3. Open Paint and paste the image into a new document either by clicking on Edit-Paste, or by typing Ctrl-V.

    4. Use the Select function to select and copy the portion of the image that you would like to use and paste the selected portion into a blank document.

    5. Edit the attributes of the image as necessary, then save the image as a bitmap.

    6. Open the bitmap in a shareware application, such as LView Pro or Paint Shop Pro (downloadable through http://www.shareware.com/ ) and save the image in .gif or .jpeg format.

    Now your image is ready to use on the Web. You may need to experiment with the different save-as options and functions of the graphics applications to achieve the best results for the Web. Once you become familiar with this technique, you will find this to be a very fast and cost-effective way to incorporate graphics into your Web pages.

  4. How do I get my site listed?

    Looking for some new sites to submit to? Try this resource:

    ~ A1's Searchable Directory of FREE Web Page Promotion Listing Sites

    This site allows you to search its extensive database for Web Directories and E-zines that accept free listings. Search by category, site name or resource type. They also accept submissions from sites that offer free listings.

  5. Geez, I never thought of that!

    Looking for innovative ways to attract users to your site? What about this:

    Check out the Sally Hansen's Web site at http://www.sallyhansen.com for all the fun summer can offer! This site uses contests, surveys, free stuff, online coupons, how-tos and FAQs to educate its consumer base, attract new visitors and encourage return traffic.



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