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Issue 2; October 27, 1997

In this issue, you will find:

  1. Integrating the Internet into Traditional Marketing Models
  2. Ad Banners: who, where, when, how and why
  3. GRAPHICS - how do they get it to look like that?
  4. How do I get my site listed?
  5. Geez, I never thought of that!

  1. Integrating the Internet into Traditional Marketing Models

    If the Web is part of your company's marketing future, or if you need some help with your Internet Marketing plan, the following article is a must-read:

    ~ Marketing on the Internet: More Than An Ad
    Examines different promotional and marketing capabilities of the WWW.

  2. Ad Banners: who, where, when, how and why

    Before you spend the money, understand the medium and it's effectiveness.

    ~ Researchers Find Banners Boost Product Awareness
    The Internet Advertising Bureau recently released the results of a study showing that banner ads were effective at promoting awareness of products and, to a lesser degree, increasing a viewer's intent to purchase them.

    ~ Banner Ad Placement Study
    Does placement of an ad banner play a significant role in click-through rates? This study says yes.

    ~ Size and Position: The things that truly count in life
    Bigger IS better and creative positions make for better results.

  3. GRAPHICS - how do they get it to look like that?

    Want to add some graphics to liven up your site? The following URLs discuss the differences between GIF and JPEG:

    ~ Creating graphics for the Web
    Discusses compression basics and some differences between GIF and JPEG.

    ~ Selecting the Optimal Image File Format: GIF vs. JPEG
    Uses a chart to illustrate how some things are good for one, and other things are good for the other.

  4. How do I get my site listed?

    Yahoo, also known as "The Grandfather of Web Directories", is one of the most popular and well-know Web directories on the Internet. It also seems to be one of the most difficult directories to get listed in. Difficult, but not impossible.

    When the Web Professionals site went live last spring, we contacted all the major search engines and directories to request a listing and link to our home page. On May 8th, we searched Yahoo for an appropriate category and submitted our request for a listing. However, when we checked back several weeks, even months later, we could not find a listing for our site.

    We decided a second attempt was in order, which was processed on September 25th. After reading "How to Suggest Your Site", we searched Yahoo, decided that "Regional/U.S. States/Massachusetts/Internet Services/Web Services" was the right category for the Web Professionals Web site, and clicked on "Add URL" from the navigation bar at the top of the page. The subsequent link took us through the submission process which consisted of 4 different forms. After the forms were filled out and the request was sent, the next step was to wait.

    Fortunately, we did not have to wait long:

    - October 3rd: Yahoo sent us e-mail saying that our site would be added to the directory in two weeks.
    - October 7th: a link to our site appeared in Yahoo's What's New
    - October 10th: we searched on "Web Professionals" and our site came up second under "Yahoo! Site Matches (1 - 19 of 946)" and first under "Business and Economy: Companies: Internet Services: Regional: U.S. States: Massachusetts: Complete Listing". When we clicked on our category, we appeared at the top of the list with a "new" marking.
    - October 27th: we searched on "web development massachusetts" and a link to our site was ranked 5th under our chosen category on the search results page. However, when we clicked on the category, our site appeared at the bottom of the page, as sites are listed in alphabetical order.


    1. Getting listed in Yahoo is not impossible, but it does require patience and persistence. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
    2. Find the most appropriate category, or categories for your site content and fill out the "Add URL" forms completely.
    3. The title of the page you are promoting should be descriptive and relevant, including a few keywords. Consider using a title that would appear at the top of an alphabetical list, but be careful not to "list spam" (E.G. AAA Advertising.)
    4. The description provided for your page should be concise and relevant. Include keywords and descriptive phrases.
    5. Include appropriate Meta tags within the code of the page you are promoting.

  5. Geez, I never thought of that!

    Looking for innovative ways to attract users to your site? What about this:

    Trick or Treat! From Intel's Connected PC

    It's trick or treat season and in the true spirit of Halloween, fifteen pumpkins have been hidden throughout Intel's Connected PC.

    Some bring tricks and some bring treats. Look for them all over the web site and click on them to see if you get tricked or if you get a treat from Intel. Be sure to surf the site and see what other downloadable goodies await you!

    Happy Halloween from Connectedpc.com!

    The Great Pumpkin Hunt begins October 23, 1997 and runs until November 2, 1997.



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